Simplilearn COBIT5

What is COBIT?

Control OBjectives for Information and Related Technology.

COBIT 5 was developed by ISACA, a nonprofit, independent, global association of nearly 100,000 business and IT experts who purport to understand the most critical and relevant issues faced by enterprise leaders around the world.

COBIT 5 overview

According to the Global Status Report on the Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT) 2011, from ISACA’s affiliated IT Governance Institute, when looking at business outcomes of GEIT, 42 percent said COBIT 5 improved management of IT-related risk, 40 percent said it improved communication and relationships between business and IT, 38 percent said it lowered IT costs, 37 percent said it improved IT delivery of business objectives, and 28 percent said it improved business competitiveness.

COBIT 5 is latest framework & it provides

1. Process Model
2. Good Practices
3. Management Tool

Here is a great video by Gary Hardy where he provides an overview on COBIT5

COBIT 5 provides an end-to-end framework that integrates other standards and approaches, such as ITIL, PMP, TOGAF

In the following 10 online lessons  on  COBIT 5 framework you'll learn

  1. What is IT Governance
  2. Principles of COBIT 5
  3. Goals Cascade Mapping  of COBIT 5
  4. Implementation Phases  of COBIT 5
  5. Process Assessment Overview  of COBIT 5
  6. Challenges of Implementations of COBIT 5
  7. How to pass COBIT certification test?
  8. How to download   COBIT framework?
  9. Sample Questions & Answer for COBIT examination
  10. More helpful information on ISACA & COBIT  for cobit certification examination

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