Monday, March 10, 2014

How To Engage With IT

Frustrated NoMo called Mr. AC, an independent IT strategy consultant from Netherland. AC is ex-colleague of NoMo from Boston consulting group.

NoMo "Hi! AC What's going on?"

AC responded "Hello NoMo! What's a surprise? How are you ? Congrats for CEO awards 2013.Yo deserve it man."

NoMo "Friend. What's keep you busy now a days. Where are you now? I need your help?"

AC responded in a very soothing & relaxing tone " NoMo...I just completed a complex business transformation project for Fortune 100 company. Its one of the largest  shipping company from Asia and they acquired a telecom start up company in India. After 2 years of operation, the company is not going anywhere.

CEO of this company engaged  eli goldratt to identify the constraints and we were hired to work with him. You know its an experience to work with eliyahu goldratt - the author of Goal. BTW, I am no longer with BCG. group  I run my independent consulting team from Netherland. Tell me NoMo how can we help you."

 "AC...We're failing in delivering IT projects. There is a clear conflict with our IT engagement model. IT team is having 300 odd experienced & well trained personnel. IT claimed they have completed all projects within schedule as per scope but business team always complained that its of no value. How could I fix this?"

Read the next post to know  AC's opinion on how business should engage with IT

Summary, here we see how senior manager reacts with project review report. But, in his capacity, NoMo should be responsible to set up proper  IT governance within the organization to avoid any  projects failure. NoMo realising the gap working with renowned consultant from BCG group to set up a proper how to engage with IT team for success.

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