Thursday, March 13, 2014

Build Empathy

In response to  NoMo question, AC responded after a minute pause "Build Empathy within your team. Various teams across the organization need to understand how IT team functions and what's the
what is empathy
dynamics in their environment. It will help all your teams to engage in better way to share the common goal."

AC continued " There has to be a detailed engagement across all levels with a separate governance & management framework. I believe you are not  treating IT as  just a cost center because they are also committed partner to your business."

Nomo started feeling frustrated.  He is failing to understand what's the connection between management jargon like" empathy" & CRM upgrade. He abruptly told "AC I'm not able to figure out where you are leading this conversation. I am suffering acute IT project delivery problem and due to which my entire business is at risk. I want your suggestion how I can correct it.Would you please help me?"

NoMO started walking  anxiously up and down inside in the room. He is not sure how to communicate this to board meeting because board might consider this as a serious non-compliance on hiding the facts related to company.

AC  responded after a small pause " I understand. I will send you a small note and we can take it from there of you agree".

NoMO & his leadership team discussed over the project review report. NoMo thought its a mere failure of  IT governance which leads to  projects failure. He consulted renowned consultant AC from BCG on  how to engage with IT team for success.Nomo, an experienced management consultant explained NoMo on importance of building empathy for business leadersip and also forward him a note on how to set up separate IT & management framework.


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